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St. Brigids Cross

The story is told that, one night, Brigid went to sit with a dying man.  He was a Chieftain, and members of his household hoped Brigid would speak to him of Christ, and perhaps convert him before he died.  However the man was very ill and couldn’t listen to such talk.  So Brigid prayed for him instead.  As she sat by his bedside, she picked up some of the rushes scattered on the floor. (This was typical of the time; rushes were warm and kept the floor clean).  She began to weave rushes into a Cross, and as she did the Chieftain asked her about it.  She wove and spoke of Jesus and prayed for the Chieftain.  He came to know Christ that night was baptised and died in peace.  St. Brigids Crosses are traditionally made by Irish people around her feast day.  Many homes place them over a door lintel or in the thatch of a house.

The Cross of St. Brigid is a sign of simplicity and of faithful presence.  May we be generous with our time, our presence and our love this year.  

We celebrate the Feast of St.Brigid on 1 st  day of February.

St. Blaise

St. Blaise, died 315. Bishop of Sebaste, martyred in Armenia. Patron for sore throats and sick cattle.  Tradition states that he was a physician before becoming bishop.  Since the eighth century he has been venerated as the partron of those who suffer from disease of the throat.

The blessing of St. Blaise is a sign of our faith in God’s protection and love for us and for the sick.  Using two crossed and unlighted candles, blessed on the memorial of St. Blaise or on the feast of the Presentation of the lord, the minister touches the throat of each person, saying: “Through the intercession of St. Blaise, bishop and martyr, may God deliver you from all ailments of the throat and from every other evil (or from every disease of the throat and from every other illness).  In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Ballybrown Camogie Registration

Will take place on Friday 6th February 8pm-9.30pm in Ballybrown Clubhouse. €30 per child, €55 per family U18, €50 per adult. New players always welcome - please bring a copy of birth cert.  Also any adults wishing to get involved as coach, mentor or on our club committee are welcome.

Any queries please contact Pauline Gillane , Secretary (087) 775 8603.

Computer Classes

8 Week Computer Course: Commencing with Beginners -  Monday 2 nd February from 10.00am 12.00noon and 12.30pm 2.30pm.

Intermediate & Advanced -  Tuesday 3rd from 7.00pm 9.00pm and Wednesday 4 th from 10.00am 12.00noon, also 12.30pm 2.30pm and 9.00pm.   Places still available.  Registration Fee €20 for 8 weeks.  Contact Resource Centre at 061-353140 or Maura at 087-2565443

Flower Arranging Classes: Commencing Tuesday 10th February at 8pm for 8 weeks.  All welcome. Contact Resource Centre.

Grieving after Suicide: A talk and discussion led by Fr Brendan McManus SJ in Corpus Christi Primary School, Moyross, Saturday 7th February 6.00pm to 7.00pm.

Masses this week


9.30am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

6.30pm Saturday.

11.30am Sunday.

Devotions to Our Lady of Fatima: Saturday 7 th February before 6.30pm Mass.

Adoration: Saturday 8.00am 12.00noon.

Baptisms: 2nd and 4th weekends in the month on Saturdays at 5.30pm and Sundays after Mass at 12.15pm.


9.30am   - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  

8.00pm    Wednesday and Saturday.   

10.00am Sunday.

Adoration: Wednesday from 7.00pm to 8.00pm.

Baptisms:  1st and 3rd weekends in the month on Saturdays at 5.00pm and Sundays after Mass at 12.30pm.

Blessing of Candles for Church & Home use will take place at morning mass on Monday 2 nd February Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in both Churches.

Blessing of the Throat will take place at morning mass on Tuesday 3 rd February Feast of St. Blaise in both Churches.

First Friday: Friday next 6 th February is the First Friday of the month communion will be taken to the sick and housebound.

Collection Last Weekend:

Patrickswell: €950.00 Ballybrown: €910.00

Thank You

Thank you for your generosity at all times but especially over Christmas to the Parish and with the Christmas Dues and all the other collections which take place throughout the year.  Your generosity is even more appreciated because it expresses your goodwill and support towards the parish.


Fr Mike: 353711 Mobile 087 1279015. Email: Office Hours: Mon/Thurs/Fri from 09.30am to 3.30pm Parish Office: 353454, Email:

Items for inclusion in the Newsletter should be emailed or handed to Pauline in the Parish Office by 12noon on Thursday.